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Consultancy Service


Consultancy Service

The Public Service Institute of Nigeria offers a spectrum of consultancy services in areas of human resource development, staff selection and assessment, as well as in the area of oragnisational excellence. PSIN Consultants (PSINC) delivers an extensive array of consulting services on people, system and leadership development, and staff selection and assessment. PSINC's team of management consultants help organisations promote and achieve excellence and operationalise public sector initiatives.

Selection & Assessment

  • Psychometric Assessment of Scholarship Applicants
  • Psychometric Assessment of Foreign Students
  • Psychometric Assessment of Mid- Career Officers for Management Jobs
  • Psychometric Assessment of Senior Officers for Entry Jobs
  • Competency Profiling
  • Assessment Centre
  • Development of Simulation Exercises
  • Structured Interview Workshop
  • People Development
  • EQ Profiling and Development
  • Self-development Workshop
  • One-on-one Feedback Sessions
  • Coaching for Middle Management
  • Peer Appraisal
  • 360 Degree Feedback
  • People Engagement

Organisational Surveys

  • Change Management
  • People Developer

Organisational Excellence (OE)

  • Development Services
  • KM Consultancy Services
  • OE Guide for Public Service
  • Consortium Studies
  • Benchmarking Advisory Services
  • Innovation Assistance Programmes
  • Knowledge-Sharing Sessions on Organisational Excellence
  • Innovation and Knowledge Management
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