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Who we are

The Public Service Institute of Nigeria (PSIN) is the central learning institution for the Nigerian Public Service, and plays a pivotal role in developing people for a first class public service. The Institute offers a comprehensive suite of programmes that build strategic capacity in the public service, focusing particularly on core areas in public governance, leadership, public administration and management. PSIN works closely with central government and public sector agencies to embed values, communicate with public sector organizations as well as academia and international government agencies on best practices and experiences in leadership, policy development, public administration and public reforms. PSIN will be the heart of learning excellence and development for the Nigerian Public Service. Our people are motivated to learn, adapt and innovate. As a team, we design and deliver training and development programmes as well as provide consultancy to public agencies. We thrive in a work environment of trust founded on core values of People, Integrity and Excellence. The institution distinguishes itself by its practitioner-based training, research and development, and consultancy services: Public Policy and Governance, Public Sector Leadership, Public Administration and Management and Public Sector Reform Initiatives.

Location and Land Area

It is located at Dutsen -Alhaji Junction, KM 30, along Abuja-Kubwa Expressway, in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, on a land area measuring approximately 94,582 hectares.

Relation with Immediate Community

The Institute is committed to promoting harmonious co-existence with Dutsen-Alhaji, its immediate community and environ, through regular consultations on matters of mutual interest.

Our Vision

The Vision is to be “a World-class Centre of Excellence in Transforming Public Sector Governance, Management and Leadership Development.”

Our Mission

The Institute has embarked on a Mission

  • To continously engage in Modernizing Management Practices & Enhancing Leadership Competence of Public Servants.
  • To strengthen the Organizational Capacities of Public Sevice Institutions through provision of Transformational Training, Research & Consulting.

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