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The Public Service Institute of Nigeria (PSIN) is the central learning institution for the Nigerian Public Service, and plays a pivotal role in developing people for a first class public service. The Institute offers a comprehensive suite of programmes that build strategic capacity in the public service, focusing particularly on core areas in public governance, leadership, public administration and management.

Values & Principles

The Institute is committed to promoting national ethics as enshrined in the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Federal Civil Service four core principles of Stewardship, Trust, Engagement, and Professionalism (STEP), applicable Codes of Ethics in conducting government business, and to providing service to the public in a timely, fair, honest and transparent manner.

Our Motto

The Driving Motto is:


Through conducive environments


We believe in Setting trends


We innovate by implementing the latest technologies in education

Our Pillars

The pursuit of the achievement of the Institute's ideals is anchored on the following seven pillars:

High performing and competent workforce

High quality programmes for meeting the needs of the Public Service

Translational research that leads to world-class learning, leading and innovating in the Public Service

High quality publications that facilitate the transformation and modernization of the Public Service

Provision of high quality consultancy and advisory services

Provision of high quality facilities and support services

Networking and partnership-building with relevant subject-leading Institutions and professionals, within and outside Nigeria

Institute Faculty

The institute runs a hybrid faculty, which integrates:

Academic theory and practice

a lean core faculty and an outsourced adjunct faculty of broad-based and practice-oriented experts

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